10 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Mark Angel Comedy

10 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Mark Angel Comedy

If you’re a fan of comedy, you’ve likely heard of Mark Angel Comedy. This Nigerian production company has created some of the most hilarious and viral videos on the internet. You may think you know all there is to know about Mark Angel Comedy, but there’s more to the company than meets the eye. Read on to discover 10 surprising facts you didn’t know about Mark Angel Comedy!

1) Mark Angel started his YouTube channel in 2009

Mark Angel Comedy was first started in 2009 when Mark Angel, the founder and CEO of the production company, began uploading videos onto YouTube. The original videos were of him performing live skits with a few of his friends. Over the years, the channel has grown exponentially, with over 5 million subscribers and over 700 million views.
Since 2009, Mark Angel Comedy has created a plethora of content for viewers to enjoy. They have released dozens of sketches, several mini-movies, countless skits, and even multiple music videos. They have also collaborated with some of the biggest names in African comedy, such as Basketmouth and Klint Da Drunk.
Not only has Mark Angel’s production company become one of the leading forces in African comedy, but they have also become an important source of entertainment and positivity during trying times. They have continued to release content even during times of hardship in Nigeria, providing viewers with much-needed relief and laughter.
As Mark Angel Comedy continues to grow and create content, it is certain that they will remain a leader in African comedy and bring joy to many people around the world.

2) The name of his production company is called Mark Angel Comedy

Mark Angel Comedy is the production company that produces all of Mark Angel’s hilarious skits. It was founded by Mark in 2009 and has since grown to be one of the most popular comedy channels on YouTube. The company specializes in creating online videos that blend comedy and satire to entertain their audience.
The company also collaborates with other established comedians like Aunty Success, Emmanuella, and Denilson Igwe in order to create their entertaining videos. Mark Angel Comedy has become a platform for creative minds to express themselves through comedy and to spread laughter throughout the world.
Aside from the comedic videos, the company also produces short films and music videos for local artists in Nigeria. With over 4 million subscribers and almost a billion views, Mark Angel Comedy has become a household name in Nigeria.

3) Mark Angel is from Delta State, Nigeria

Mark Angel is a popular Nigerian comedian who is best known for his viral comedy videos on YouTube. He was born and raised in Delta State, Nigeria. Delta State is a state located in the south of Nigeria that is known for its natural resources and beautiful landscape.
Mark Angel was the only child in his family and he grew up surrounded by a large extended family. As a result, he was always exposed to various comedic elements from a young age. It is no surprise then that he has developed into such a successful comedian.
Mark Angel started his YouTube channel in 2009, which quickly gained traction and popularity. His videos are now viewed by millions of people all over the world, with many of them coming from Delta State. Mark’s popularity in his home state is further highlighted by the fact that he has been featured in several local festivals and events held in Delta State.

4) He is the only child in his family

Mark Angel, the creator of Mark Angel Comedy, is an only child. He was born in Delta State, Nigeria and raised by his parents, whom he speaks highly of. Growing up without siblings, Mark Angel cultivated a love for storytelling and humor from a young age. His comedic talents began to blossom in high school, where he would often make his friends laugh with his humorous observations about life. He continued to pursue his comedic talents after graduating from high school, eventually creating his own YouTube channel.
Though he may not have had any siblings growing up, it’s clear that Mark Angel’s childhood was full of laughter and joy. His passion for comedy has been the driving force behind the success of his channel and it’s clear that he still draws on his experiences growing up as an only child when creating new content.

5) Mark Angel started his comedy career while he was still in high school

He started his comedy career while he was still in high school, when he decided to take the leap and pursue his dream of becoming a comedian.
At first, he was just performing in front of small audiences in his hometown of Delta State, Nigeria. He also produced some of his own comedy sketches and videos which he uploaded online. These videos quickly gained traction and he started to gain an online following.
He eventually quit school to pursue a career in comedy full time and it has paid off. His YouTube channel now boasts over 8 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed over a billion times. He has won several awards for his work in comedy and continues to be one of the most popular comedians in Nigeria.

6) He has a degree in Computer Science

Mark Angel is not only a funnyman, but he is also an educated man. Mark earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. He has leveraged his knowledge of computer science to help manage his YouTube channel, which currently has over 2 million subscribers. With the help of computer science, Mark is able to develop effective strategies for content creation and video production. Additionally, he uses the skills and knowledge he gained while studying computer science to create innovative comedy skits. From creating digital content to publishing them on various social media platforms, Mark Angel’s expertise in computer science has helped him to become one of Nigeria’s most popular comedians.

7) Mark Angel is married and has two children

Mark Angel is married to a woman named Annette and they have two children together, a son and a daughter. He and his wife both come from Delta State, Nigeria. They are very close and enjoy spending time together.
Mark Angel values family life and considers his children to be the most important thing in his life. He has spoken about them many times in interviews and posts on social media. He loves spending time with his kids and tries to include them in all of his projects. He often shares funny photos of them on Instagram.
He takes his parenting duties very seriously and does his best to make sure his children have the best upbringing possible. Mark Angel knows the value of education and he encourages his children to pursue their dreams.
Mark Angel is a devoted father who cares deeply for his children. His love for them is evident in everything he does.

8) He is fluent in English and Igbo

Mark Angel is a multi-lingual Nigerian comic and actor. He is most well known for his Mark Angel Comedy YouTube channel, which has over 5 million subscribers. In addition to English, Mark Angel is also fluent in Igbo, one of the three main languages spoken in Nigeria. His ability to speak both languages allows him to bring unique flavor and perspective to his comedy and acting roles.
Igbo is an important language in Nigerian culture, and is the second most widely spoken language in the country. It’s an official language in several states and it is used by many people in daily life. Igbo has a rich culture, and its presence can be seen in many aspects of Nigerian life, including music, literature and art.
Mark Angel’s fluency in English and Igbo has made him a beloved figure in Nigeria and beyond. His comedy and acting roles are often rooted in both languages, allowing him to bridge the cultural gap between English and Igbo speakers. His ability to make audiences laugh while educating them on various aspects of Igbo culture is one of the reasons why Mark Angel Comedy is so successful.

9) His favorite comic book is Batman

One of the most interesting facts about Mark Angel Comedy is that his favorite comic book is Batman. Although he is a comedic genius, Mark Angel is an avid fan of the Dark Knight and loves to read about the adventures of Bruce Wayne. He even goes so far as to dress up as Batman for his performances and is known to do Batman impressions for his friends and family. Mark Angel’s admiration for Batman stems from the idea that anyone can be a superhero, no matter what their background or capabilities are. His love for Batman further solidifies his connection to the comic book world and emphasizes his desire to make people smile.

10) He has won several awards for his work in comedy

Mark Angel has achieved success and recognition for his work in comedy. He has been presented with awards from various organizations, including the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards, which he won for Best Online Content in 2018. In 2017, he was awarded the Digital Media Personality of the Year at the Future Awards Africa.
In addition, Mark Angel has been nominated for many awards, including the AMVCA award for Best Comedy Video and Best Online Video Creator. He was also nominated for the 2019 Africa Digital Awards for Best Digital Creator and Best Nigerian YouTube Creator. He was recently nominated for the 2020 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Nigeria in the Favorite Social Media Star category.


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