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Tuesday 14th July, 2020*

Plato regards education as a means to achieve justice, both individual justice and social justice. … From this Plato concludes that virtue can be obtained through three stages of development of knowledge: knowledge of one’s own job, self-knowledge, and knowledge of the Idea of the Good.

Aristotle’s definition of education is the same as that of his teachers, that is “the creation of a sound mind in a sound body”. Thus to him the aim of education was the welfare of the individuals so as to bring happiness in their lives.

According to Plato in Akinpelu (1983), he define education as turning the eye of the soul from dark cave of ignorance to the limelight of knowledge. He furtherly explained that education is not putting knowledge into one’s brain but helping and an individual to realize and develop fully his or her potentials as idea is buried in the soul of an individual from birth.

*Educational Quotes*

*“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”*

*“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”*

*“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”*

*“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn …and change.”*

The best legacy you can give to your children is education
money can vanish building could be outdated, burn in fire, collapse or even sold by the prodigal son
vehicle could be stolen, crashed and what a few.
Clothes, toys, electronics etc are all things that has durability.

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Therefore educating your children is synonymous to building yourself a future comfort.

This is a wake up call to parents and guardian to prioritize their children education from the basic to tertiary education.

From the part of the authority, government need to reform our education system so as to meet up with international standards. Most of our educational institutions are not in good shape ranging from infrastructure up to curriculum development.
It’s no longer a doubt that our education curriculum is outdated in most cases. Do we even have enough teaching and non teaching personnel to foster teaching and learning process and what about their welfare.

Learners on their own part need to be serious and focus on what is necessary and do away with whatever that could hinder the process and progress of their education. Determination is a vital tool in achieving success in life. Therefore, I will implore the youger ones to be committed to their future as their readiness and preparation today determine the outcome.

Covid-19 is another factor mitigating our educational sector, for nearly four months now all institutions of learning have been locked down while learner are at home. This is a major setback to our academic calendar.

Though, some states make learning provisions for the learners through radio classes and TV classes.

Looking at it from another perspective,
*how many parents have functional Radio and Television at home?*
*How regular is electric power supply?*
*How many of these parents could afford cable subscriptions?*
*How many parents could afford fueling their power generating machines? That is even if they have one*

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It’s a pity that our higher institutions of learning couldn’t launch online classes for their students while at home since the emergence of the global pandemic, this is due to the fact that our higher institution of learning are yet to be fully *21st century compatible* let alone the High and Basic Schools.

It’s high time we rebuild, Rebrand, and restructure our education system in order to avoid future occurrence.
All necessary stakeholders in education also need to join hands with the government in recalibrating our education system.

*Smase Comrade Provost Ogunbanwo Ibraheem A*

*Facebook:* @smasecomradeprovosthibee
*Twitter:* @provosthibee
*Instagram:* @provosthibraheeem
*WhatsApp:* 08082673079

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